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Welcome–Kalosirthate! My name is Tatiana Harkiolakis, and I am an Athenian, born and bred, and this newborn blog is all about Athens. Where to eat, drink, shop, learn, have fun and chill– everything for the Athens resident, expat, or passing traveler. We will occasionally go to other regions of Greece (Arachova, Crete etc.) in the “Out of Athens” segments. So go ahead– click on some links and explore Athens et al.!

You can also like the Athenian Site Facebook page for articles and shorter updates about festivals and happenings around Athens. You’ll see exclusive posts that aren’t featured on this one blog!

For even more exclusive content, join the Athenian Site Facebook Group to ask questions and receive answers about the best places in Athens to eat, drink, shop, and more! Need a place for a romantic anniversary dinner? An itinerary for what to see and do on a layover in Athens? Ask and you shall recieve–along with updates about articles, festivals, happenings, and even more insider places to enjoy life in Athens!

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