City Secrets: H Palia Taverna Tou Psara

When strolling down the dizzyingly busy Lisiou street in Plaka, you’ll see a flight of tiny stone steps break off into Erectheos street. Venture down the steps, and you’ll find yourself in what looks like a scene from an old Greek movie—a square full of tables and chairs with a large tree in the center, people talking and laughing, and the unmistakable waft of wonderful food coming from a small house. This is H Palia Taverna Tou Psara (The Old Fisherman’s Taverna), a traditional taverna established in 1898 that many consider to be the oldest restaurant in Athens. It’s had lots of fame over the years and was favored by a host of Greek and foreign celebrities, from Nobel-winning Greek poet Georgios Seferis to theatre legend Laurence Olivier. The menu has a wide range of pretty much any classic Greek dish your heart could desire, from hand-cut French fries to tomatokeftedes (tomato fritters) to lamb chops to grilled octopus. They also have a vast range of regional wines and even a cocktail list. Perfect to end a very Greek day (or night) of walking, sightseeing, and nostalgia.

H Palia Taverna Tou Psara
Erectheous 16
Open Sunday-Friday 11:30AM–12:30AM
Open Saturday 11:30AM–1:00AM

Photo credit H Palia Taverna Tou Psara

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