Trending Eateries for the New Year in Athens

Now that we’re into the new year, it’s time for us to say goodbye to 2020 and look forward to brighter days ahead. Despite the pandemic and lockdown measures, restaurants and cafes—some of them brand-new—are still thriving in Athens. Here are four trending eateries to check out during your next outing (or delivery order!) in the new year.

Newly opened downtown, Overoll (Praxitelous 27; 2114198151) has wowed the crowds with their freshly-baked croissants (some are even calling them the best in the city). They have classic butter croissants alongside fun flavors such as cheesecake, Nutella, apple pie, and even a caramel cruffin (a cross between a croissant and a muffin). For a savory treat, try their spanakopita and loukanikopita croissants. They even make homemade cookies. (Note: They don’t do delivery just yet.)

Cheesecake croissant from Overoll (@overoll.croissanterie)

Also downtown, the brand-new Epik Gelato (Dorileou 2; 2106464105) has been making waves for its locally-sourced sweets and gelato that celebrate traditional Greek ingredients. Flavors to try include amigdaloto (with caramelized almonds and flower water) and triandafillo (with Turkish delight, rose, and betel). For a more indulgent treat, get the Chicago, a combination of chocolate gelato, chocolate sauce, shaved almonds, and cream. They have delivery through eFood and Wolt to certain locations.

The Chicago from Epik Gelato (@epikgelato)

Graving an old-fashioned barbecue dinner? Fine Mess Smokehouse (Skoufa 73; 2111155725) has you covered. With their new delivery service, Barbecue Dinner at Home, you can call them one day ahead of time and they’ll send you a full barbecue dinner for four. Pick from slow-cooked pulled pork burgers, brisket, or spare ribs for the main course, and accessorize with various sides, including baked macaroni & cheese and sweet potato salad.

Pulled Pork at Fine Mess Smokehouse (@FineMessBBQ)

Finally, for the ultimate pandemic dining experience, check out PS: Luncheon (; 2105234749). This gourmet delivery-only service will send you DIY meal kits complete with all ingredients, minimal cooking or skills required. Try the ramen kit with handmade noodles or the taco kit with ready-braised beef. (Note: If Wolt doesn’t let you order based on your location, place your order by calling them instead.)

DIY Ramen Kit from PS Luncheon (

Here’s to a happier, healthier, and brighter year ahead! May we be grateful for all we have, and look forward to all that life can bring! Stay tuned for more on trending eateries, destinations, and more in Athens!

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