The Holiday Chomp: How to Get a Christmas/Holiday Dinner in Lockdown

Even in a nation-wide lockdown, the holidays still have a way of lifting our spirits. We may not be able to go for a dramatic Christmas revegion (translation: fancy Christmas dinner), but there are still many creative ways to have a holiday dinner at home. Here are our recommendations for where to source your holiday dinner this winter in Athens.

Want a 5-star holiday dinner experience without the hassle of *actually* cooking? Then order a fully made custom Christmas dinner from bakery and caterers Papaspirou in Halandri (Agias Paraskevis 115; 2106842278), Kifissia (Tatoiou 100 & Kolokotroni 29; 2106204836), Ambelokipi (Panormou 19; 2106424528), and Acharnes (Agia Triados & N. Zignis 15; 2102409235). Main dishes include traditional stuffed pig or whole trimmed turkey, while sides include stuffing, quiche, and caramelized Virginia ham. They also offer a range of desserts, including an Italian panettone, chestnut tart, or gingerbread house.

The goods from Papaspirou (

If you’re a British or American expat (or just a fan of Anglo-American fare), source your holiday fare from upscale supermarket Thanopoulos, with locations in Kifissia (Adrianou & Dragoumi 6; 2106233267), Nea Kifissia (Elaion 38; 2106201878), and Nea Erithrea (Harilaou Trikoupi 164 & Aiantos; 2106254504). They stock all kinds of foreign holiday treats, from French turkey to Walker’s mince pies to all the Christmas chocolates and candies imaginable. Their e-shop also stocks Christmas decorations, festive crackers, and toys.

Walker’s Mice Pies at Thanopoulos (

Finally, for dessert, there’s no finer bakery-patisserie for Greek Christmas sweets than Terkenlis in Halandri (Papanikoli 100-102, 302106840020). Highlights from their Christmas lineup include classic kourabiedes and melomakarona cookies, tsoureki covered in white or milk chocolate sauce, gingerbread men, and merrily iced Christmas cookies. For a unique Greek treat, try their honakia, cones of syrup-soaked filo filled with thick cream.

Tsoureki covered in chocolate sauce from Terkenlis (

Bonus: But what about those days in between Christmas and New Year when you simply have no will to cook or eat healthy? Indulge in some of the city’s best delivery comfort food. White Spoon (Leoforos Mesogeion 234; 2106533645) in Holargos is a classic choice for brunch and sandwiches, while Jerry’s The Sweet Foodtruck (Kolokotroni 4;  21 0683 3353) in Halandri is a must for over-the-top sweets.

Fried eggs with potato cubes, bacon, and mustard from White Spoon (
Doughnuts from Jerry’s the Sweet Foodtruck (@jerrysthefoodtruck)

Happy holidays—kales yiortes! May you be happy, healthy, and look forward with hope to the new year ahead! Stay tuned for more on food, travel, and lockdown living in Athens!

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