Four Food Stores in Athens to Get you Through the Lockdown (They Do Delivery!)

Although Greece is handling the COVID-19 outbreak relatively well, the nationwide lockdown has turned many of our lives upside down. Without being able to go out for even a coffee, many Athenians are re-discovering the joys and trials of cooking at home. Thanks to the brilliant invention of delivery, however, home cooking doesn’t have to be boring, tiring, or less cool than going out! Below are four of the coolest food stores in Athens that will deliver hip food products, snacks, and ready-to-cook meals right to your door!

Nestled in an unsuspecting corner of Holargos, Bekiaris Meat & More (Faneromenis 2Α; 2106516779) is a hip butcher-deli that stocks a wide range of deli products, from free-range chicken to chutney. Their hidden secret, however, is their ready-made meat dishes that come fully prepared and ready to be cooked. Try the chicken tortillas or the beef-tekara, a large beef-pork pattie stuffed with cheese and onions.

Beef-tekara at Bekiaris (@bekiarismeatandmore)
Beef-tekara at Bekiaris (@bekiarismeatandmore)

Another hidden gem is Oi Synteknoi (Kassomouli 46; 2109029232), a store stocking authentic Cretan food products in the suburb of Neo Kosmas. Delivering all around Athens, they stock everything from deli meats to nuts and spices to soap. For a quick and healthy meal, buy their frozen kalitsounia fournou (small Cretan pies) stuffed with either mizithra (a light cheese) or hortarinia (greens).

Kalitsounia at Oi Synteknoi (
Kalitsounia at Oi Synteknoi (

For those living up north, Varsos (Kassaveti 5; 2108012472) in Kifissia is a classic stop for dairy products and sweets; but did you know they do delivery, too? You can stock up on their yogurts, creams, and rizogala (rice puddings), and even order their classic tiropita or spanakopita tapsiou. For those days when you just need a sweet treat, however, order a piece of cheesecake, mille-feuille, or karidopita (walnut cake).

Galaktobouriko at Varsos (

And finally, House of Wine (Eth. Antistaseos 40; 2106773315) in Halandri stocks a huge variety of drinks, from rosé to sake to gin. What you’ll really fall in love with, however, is their wide range of gourmet snacks and sweets. We recommend the Gavottes mini crepes, Darlings strawberry cookies, and French Truffles chocolate truffles with salted caramel.

Strawberry Darlings at House of Wine (
Strawberry Darlings at House of Wine (

In the days that come, let’s all be grateful for our health and safety—and grateful that we live in the age of social media and food delivery!

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