Dirty Ginger & Privilege: The Cult Restaurant and Club are Back!

This year brought many exciting new additions to the Athens culinary scene, from the city’s first ramen stand to a vegan coffee bar to a slew of restaurants reinventing the concept of street food. But two new openings have brought particular excitement this past Fall—the return of Dirty Ginger and Privilege, two cult establishments from the 2000s reincarnated as hip, must-visit eateries.

Legendary bar-restaurant Dirty Ginger (Andrea Papandreou 95; 6944426101) was a staple in the downtown Gazi neighborhood until it closed in 2013. Now, it’s nestled in the northern suburb of Halandri, decked out in colorful lamps, velvet cushions, and an electric blue bar. The menu is as fearless as the décor, featuring the likes of Indian meat pies, veal with smoked eggplant puree, and fried burrata cheese. Top it off with one of their artistic cocktails and their signature pavlova with chocolate mousse.

Meanwhile in downtown Athens, Privilege (Voutadon 6; 2289200000) was once a hot nightclub with lines stretching around the block. It’s now a swanky restaurant-club with a panoramic view of the Acropolis. The menu features comforting favorites dressed up in haute cuisine glamor. Start with the beef tartare with shallots and quail eggs, then indulge in the crayfish bisque or the Black Angus steak. They also have an extensive drinks list—try the Privilege Cub cocktail with raspberry vodka, watermelon water and raspberry syrup.

Stay tuned for more hot restaurant, café, and bar openings in Athens!

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