Four Child-Friendly Restaurants in Athens

School is in full swing, and the parents among us may be having a hard time trying to find nice lunch/dinner outings in the city that are child-friendly (while still serving, you know, more than just dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets). But there’s no need to limit your outings to only fast food places and playgrounds when you want to bring the kids along. There’s a select number of Athenian restaurants that offer children’s entertainment and child-friendly dishes, while still being chic and fun enough for the grownups themselves. Below are four of the best kid (and parent!) friendly restaurants in Athens.

The city’s resident Hard Rock Café (Adrianou 52; 2103245170) is a family-friendly standard, but did you know they also have a kid’s play program? Every Sunday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, kids can participate in crafting, games, and more. The fun costs 10 euros per kid, with dishes from the kid’s menu included. Top it off with an adult-friendly steak and cocktail for Mum, and it’ll be a Sunday outing to remember (Tip: They also host children’s birthday parties).

Steak at the Hard Rock Cafe ( - Patriciabiagioni )
Come for the kid’s play program, stay for the steak.

For a family-friendly outing in the southern suburbs, head to Oliver Family House (Leoforos Dimarchou Aggelou Metaxa 39; 2108986066) in Glyfada. This palm-tree studded café has a menu of child-friendly dishes, and, for a three-euro fee, your child can hang out in a supervised play area filled with toys and craft supplies. Once a week they also host fun learning sessions where (for a seven-euro fee) kids can learn cooking, dance, foreign languages, and more.

An outdoor playground at Oliver Family House (Oliver Family House)
Outdoor play area at Oliver Family House.

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly city lunch, there’s a secret in the Grecotel Pallas Athena (Athinas 65; 2103250900). For 25 euros per adult and 12.5 euros per child, you can eat at the hotel’s rich buffet, which hosts a special kids’ corner filled with dietician-certified treats dishes. Every Sunday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, there’s also a “Kid’s Creative Lab” (included in the entrance fee) hosting fun activities, including shadow puppetry, pantomime, crafting, and dance.

Lunch Buffet at the Grecotel Pallas Athena (
The goods at the Grecotel Pallas buffet.

And finally, when you want a very special treat for your little one, take them to Fairytale (Tripia 48; 2102582341) in Nea Philadelphia. Only a ten-minute drive from Kifissia, this café is decked out in hanging rose vines and fantasy memorabilia a lá Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter. Their desserts are just as fantastical—fan favorites include the donut-topped milkshakes and the Kinder Bueno tart topped with butterscotch caramel. They also make an array of dramatic, themed cakes, perfect for girly birthdays.

Waffle Tower at Fairytale ( - @Fairytale_Filters_Spells)
Waffle Tower at Fairytale. ( – @Fairytale_Filters_Spells).

Here’s to a fun, productive Fall ahead for you and your family! Stay tuned for more restaurants, bars, bakeries, and other foodie establishments in beautiful, sunny Athens!

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