Three Magical Cafes and Restaurants to Visit in Psyrri

Psyrri is a rising neighborhood in central Athens, gaining a hip reputation for its artisan stores, traditional tavernas, and chic nightlife venues. Below are three cafes and restaurants to check out on your next visit to Psyrri:

Agiou Dimitriou 12

Hidden behind a small, unassuming door, this restaurant-mezedopoleio is like a small portal in mid-century Greece. Step into a whitewashed courtyard decorated with drawings and vintage magazine ads and indulge in a classic tsipouro or ouzo with exceptional homemade mezedes (appetizers). Bonus: This place is said to have some of the best fried meatballs in Athens.

αυλή ψυρρή in2life
Photo credit

Dos Gardenias
Hβης 21 (pronounced “Ee-vee-s”)

This Latin-styled bar is a throwback to the Caribbean with its tiled walls, retro décor, and Latin music playing from vintage radios. Indulge in pintxos (tapas trays) or a homemade pizza with one of their signature cocktails. Bonus: Stop by at 9:00 PM and you’ll catch their resident paellero dishing up fresh paella on the sidewalk.

dos agrdenias popoganda
Photo credit

Aishylou 3 (pronounced “Es-hee-lou”)

This classic patisserie is said to have some of the best sweets in the city. With colorful art pieces on the wall and flowers painted on the taverna chairs and green-wire tables, this little wonderland dishes up everything from baklava to pecan pie to ice cream with jam. Bonus: Write a wish on a small piece of paper and leave it at their Auli twn Euxwn (“Yard of Wishes”) display.

serbetia (photo credit serbetia.gr2)
Photo credit

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