Four Healthy Restaurants in Athens to Help You Recover From Your Holiday Pig-Out

In the post-holiday haze, many of us probably groaned at the thought of getting back on the scale, but it’s a bit of a relief to return to eating foods not drenched in sugar or gravy or devoured in enormous portions. But going back to healthy eating doesn’t have to mean no more eating out. Below are four healthy restaurants in Athens that provide the fun of eating out sans the post-pig-out guilt!

In the heart of Monastiraki, brand-new Vegan Beat (Pandrossou 7; 6986262866) cooks up on-the-go dishes, bites, and drinks based in fresh Mediterranean flavors. There are a variety of imitation-meat sandwiches, including burgers and gyros, alongside wraps, salads, and vegan sweets. Accompany your snack with fresh fruit juice, such as the detox juice with ginger and lemon.

salad at vegan beat ( - vegan beat)
Salad at Vegan Beat ( – Vegan Beat)

Another brand-new addition to Monastiraki is Lotofagos (Romvis 13; 2130888808), a brand-new salad bar with a very Millennial concept: street salads. The salads at Lotofagos are all conveniently packaged to be chowed down at the bar or on the go. Highlights include the salad with fresh mozzarella, eggplant, zucchini, pine nuts, and cherry tomatoes, and the salad with quinoa, avocado, coriander, lime, and grilled turkey breast.

salad at lotofagos ( - lotofagos the salad island)
Salad at Lotofagos ( – Lotofagos the Salad Island)

At the foot of the Acropolis in the artsy Koukaki neighborhood, Peas (Falirou 40; 2109218875) is a raw-vegan street eatery with fantastically low prices (nothing on the menu is above €6.50). They dish up a wide array of sandwiches, wraps, and tarts, including a baguette with eggplant, portobello mushrooms, and carrot sauce and a club sandwich with tomato, avocado, lemon sauce, and sprouts. They also have raw sweets, juices, and gluten-free dishes.

raw zucchini noodles at peas ( - peas)

And finally, Nice N Easy (Papadiamanti 7; 2108082014), a healthy classic in the leafy northern suburb of Kifissia, is an organic bistro dishing up organic, locally-sourced, and even some gluten-free dishes. Their menu is full of variety, from huevos rancheros to pasta with roasted vegetables to sea bass ceviche. One gluten-free highlight is the “Power bowl” with tabbouleh, avocado, chickpeas, sweet potato, and goji berries.

rigatoni with black truffle at nice n easy ( - nice n easy kifisia)
Rigatoni with Black Truffle at Nice N Easy ( – Nice n easy Kifisia)

Here’s to a Happy New Year filled with love, health, a touch of fine cuisine!


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