Three cool cafes and bars to visit in Pagrati

Pagrati is a chic Athenian neighborhood, bursting with nightlife, boutiques, and mouthwatering cuisine. Here are three hot cafes and bars for chill and fun in Pagrati:

Hotel Chelsea (Proklou & Archimidous 1): This pub is a Pagrati staple, themed around the legendary New York hotel. They serve up affordable drinks and snacks. Sit outside on a summer night and enjoy a beer and pizza.


Superfly Cafe (Empedokleous 28): This adorable cafe-bar is decked out in retro regalia, from posters to pinball machines to vintage toys. Indulge in a tea and mouthwatering cake. Bonus: They have an old TV with a working VHS player and classic video game consoles.


Kekkos Traditional Cafe and Pastry (Eratosthenous 7): This neighborhood bakery-cafe is not only packed with sweets and pies, but also serves drinks, starters, and home-cooked comfort dishes. Pop by in the morning for a coffee and freshly-baked bagels.


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