Four Chic Bistros in Athens

The bistro is the newest mainstay of the city’s dining scene. Athens has been seeing a recent growth in hip bistros serve creative dishes in dreamy, artistic settings, popping up everywhere from trendy downtown to the fancy northern suburbs. Listed below are bistros of note for every occasion, from brunch with friends to a romantic dinner to a fun outing with family.

At the foot of the Acropolis lies Athinai Bistrot (Makrigianni 3; 2109229210), a veteran on the bistro scene. This hidden gem serves up Greek classics in a refined Parisian space, accented with lace tablecloths and antique oil lamps. Their best dish is a leg of lamb with homemade mashed potatoes, accompanied by a mouthwatering gravy. For a light snack, try the roast beef and jam sandwich or the bruschetta with spinach and fried egg.

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Meanwhile, the city’s brand-new bistro hotspot is Papillon (L. Kifisias 242 & Solomou 1; 210 6744441), located right in Neo Psychiko. Papillon sports a menu of light, Franco-Italian bites, including soups, pastas, and a variety of luxury cold cuts. Indulge in the scallops with prosciutto, grilled artichokes, and duck pappardelle. Top it off with their “Truffle Martini” cocktail, or a drink from their extensive wine list.

Photo credit: Papillon Bistrot Athens (Facebook page)

For those days when you need a dose of Paris, head to Chapeau (Sokratous 4; 2106845300) in Halandri. This ladylike bistro dishes up a buffet of authentic French treats, including duck leg with caramelized onions, and a variety of quiches and tartines. They also have an array of delicate French sweets; try one of the verrines (glass cups of cream), or the rose cake with glace rose petals.

Photo credit: George N (Tripadvisor user)

And when you’re feeling more spicy than sweet, zero in on Kifissia’s Buba Bistrot Exotique (Papadiamanti 4; 2106231151). This unique eatery specializes in Pan-Asian dishes, with an emphasis on Thai flavors. Indulge in delicate Vietnamese spring rolls, classis Pad Thai noodles, and Kai-Yang barbequed chicken. Cocktail highlights include the “Apocalypse Now” Aperol Spirtz, and the “Buba Bloody Mary” with soy and chili.

Photo credit: Buba Bistrot Exotique

Stay tuned for more fun, delicious places to enjoy summer in the city!


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